July 17th, 2013

What the fuck?




Заценяем статью на тему возможного строительства мечети в Рейкьявике:

“It is worrying that Muslims here don’t seem to have any difficulties financing the project, receiving aid from Muslim organizations abroad. Those organizations might want to increase the influence of Islam in Iceland, as well as in other countries.”

Instead of a mosque, Ólafur suggests a temple of the Nordic gods to be built in the plot. “Such a cultural gem would bring joy to the majority of the city’s residents, as well as other Icelanders, and wouldn’t be as out of place as a mosque would."

Каменты безусловно прекрасные:

You guys got to stop this. Place some dead pigs on the property to stop the building of this stuff.

Нуитд. Там еще много излияний горячей любви к мультикультурализму - самая вкуснота именно каменты.